Amanda Roland

Snack Foods For A Colorful Birthday Party!

Throw a colorful party for you little painter with these awesome party snacks! Here is how to craft these sweet treats. Picasso Pallets Ingredients: 24 chocolate chip cookies White buttercream icing Food coloring Directions: 1. Use mini circle cookie cutter… read more

30 Local Students Achieve National Merit Finalist Status

Alachua County Public Schools (ACPS) announced that 30 students from local high schools are finalists in the 2020 National Merit Scholarship program.  This program is extremely prestigious and indicates great academic excellence. The National Merit Scholarship Corporation recently informed the… read more

Coors Light® Could Help You Adopt A Dog!

This past Tuesday, Coors Light® announced an offer that could benefit anyone looking to add a furry friend to their family in February! Coors Light® Coors for Canines will offer a $100 adoption fee reimbursement for 1,000 dog adoptions across… read more

Celebrate National Pizza Day on February 9!

Pizza day... A kids dream come true! It’s the ultimate Friday night family dinner. The most asked for cuisine for their birthday party meals. And, we can’t forget to mention the easiest dinner (and sometimes breakfast) for that sleepover. It’s… read more

How to Baby Proof As Your Baby Grows

We can all agree that the most important aspect of parenting is safety, and as your baby ages, baby proofing should be at the top of your list. According to, accidental injury is the leading cause of death in… read more

Use These Apps to Get Moving!

We’ve all seen the “fitspiration” pictures online claiming that a workout is only 4 percent of your day, so that must mean there are no excuses, right? Well when you have kids to parent, a household to manage and work… read more