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6 of Our Favorite Pregnancy Podcasts

A podcast is like a close friend... full of information, humor and real-life situations. From politics to education tips, podcasts come in many different topics for just about everyone. We’ve rounded out our favorite pregnancy podcasts for you baby-waitin’ mommas,… read more

What’s Cookin’ at the Barbecue?

Welcome to Florida, where the sun shines bright (on most days), and many summers are spent at family barbecues by the pool. For most of us, attending barbecues have been a summer staple for as long as we can remember,… read more

DIY Watermelon Doormat

What better way to welcome the warm sun with this fun, cute and easy diy watermelon doormat? Follow our how-to guide to bring a little color right onto your front porch! Supplies for diy watermelon doormat: 1. All purpose sponge… read more

Food Gadgets for Summer Fun

Bring some fun into your kitchen with these quirky food gadgets! From a retro slushy machine to your very own ice cream maker, your summer days can be filled with endless fun, laughter and amazing memories. Check out some of… read more

Memorial Day Weekend Getaway Ideas!

By Renee Castro Memorial Day Weekend is upon us, hooray!! With the much-anticipated long weekend around the corner, we’re here to help you scramble some last minute plans if you’re really eager to get out of town. Check out our… read more

Banana Smoothies for Everyone!

By Renee Castro Do you have a kiddo who absolutely refuses to eat their veggies? Have you tried everything in the book to make them tolerate the taste? Well, don’t fret! Try our three banana smoothies with a hidden veggie… read more