Empower Your Daughter

How Can You Empower Your Daughter?

Women are incredibly strong. Over the course of our lives, we’ve preserved through a world that is less than accepting by being broad, fearless and unapologetic. It’s important to encourage our young girls to use their voice in a society… read more


Should You Censor What Your Tween is Reading?

It’s a miracle! Your child has traded in his video games for an old-fashioned book, filled with pages of words that will transport him into a world of endless adventures. It’s often stressed that reading to your child is important… read more

Valentine’s Day Books

Our 14 Favorite Valentine’s Day Books

Roses are red, violets are blue, these Valentine's day books are great, so we’re sharing them with you! Valentine’s Day is around the corner, so why not celebrate by cuddling up with your kids and reading a sweet story that… read more

talia felicia

A Day In the Life of: Talia Felicia

Talia Felicia is a Chief Possibilities Officer (A.K.A. Event Professional), Graphic Designer and Adjunct Professor at the world’s greatest post-secondary institution (Go Gators!). She has been married to her husband Danny for 19 years and is a mom to Gabriel… read more

Must-Have Baby Items

Mom and Dad’s Must-Have Baby Items

Hello, new parents and parents-to-be! Wondering what you need for your new baby? Are the aisles upon aisles of baby items at Target stressing you out? It can be so overwhelming to make sure you have not only everything you… read more

Citizens’ Oversight Committee

ACPS Citizens’ Oversight Committee Seat Opening

Alachua County Public Schools (ACPS) is taking applications for an open seat on the citizens' Oversight Committee that reviews expenditures and revenues raised through the Half-Cent for School sales tax initiative. "Under the committee bylaws, two additional members are to… read more

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