Call Outs

Calling All Teachers!

Calling all teachers! We have created a "Teacher Tips" video series to help our local families navigate these choppy waters of "at-home schooling". We are looking for YOU, the amazing teachers of Alachua County, both from the private and public… read more

Calling All Newborn Baby Moms!

Are you a mom celebrating the birth of a new baby? Are you up to your eyebrows in diapers, wipes and everything in between? Have you learned so much already in the short time your bundle of joy has been… read more

#BossMom: Diana Saiz

As a mom, you quite literally do it all! Between working and making sure your kiddo gets to school with a matching pair of shoes, it proves to be the toughest job anyone could do. Our Giggle moms have shared… read more

A Day In Mom’s Life

Being a mom is the the most amazing job in the world! It sometimes take a village, lots of coffee and girl talk to get through the day filled with work, laundry and taxi driving! But, at the end of… read more


In our new #BossMom feature we want to share how our local amazing working moms balance life and family! Are you a CEO, MomPreneur or Principal? Do you balance spreadsheets, represent others  in court or teach in a classroom? Is… read more

Moms Tell-All

Being a mom comes with some pretty crazy stories and Giggle wants to hear about yours!  Submit your response to our topic by April 24, for a chance to be featured in Giggle Magazine. Our topic for the upcoming issue… read more

Featured Teacher!

Are you an all-around amazing teacher, or do you know one? Nominate your favorite teacher below for a chance to be featured in Giggle Magazine!   read more

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