Why Do Teens Sleep Till Noon?

Your daughter used to scurry to your bedroom door at a ripe 6 a.m. and peer inside at your sound asleep self. Without hesitation, her mouse-like tendencies would turn feline and she'd pounce — jolting you awake in hopes that you'd play with… read more

Dealing With Real-Life Mean Girls

Do you remember hiding in the bathroom stall at school when you were 13 because the popular girl in class told the boy you were crushing on about the hearts you drew all over your notebook with his name strewn across them? What… read more

Help Your Teen Raise Their Test Scores!

As entry into the nation’s top universities and colleges have become more and more competitive, students applying for those coveted positions have come out ready to earn their acceptance. Both grade point averages and average standardized test scores have steadily… read more

Make Everyday Moments Teachable Moments

It is certainly true that many sensitive topics in life (the birds and the bees, drugs, divorce or natural disasters) cause even the most comfortable parents to be a little uneasy. While those conversations may not be a piece of… read more

8 Sew-Free Halloween Costumes!

Have you always wanted to make your kiddo's Halloween costume but the thought of having to sew it together stopped you in your tracks? Have no fear! We have your Sew-Free Halloween costumes here! These simple and fun costumes can… read more

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