Is Our Food Safe

Learn More About Pesticides: Is Our Food Safe?

Current agricultural practices incorporate pesticides to keep our fruits and vegetables safe against harmful pests, but just how safe are they for our family? Is our food safe? Let's learn more about pesticides. What is a Pesticide? According to the… read more

wash a face mask

How Do You Properly Wash a Face Mask?

We're all trying to do our part in flattening the curve of COVID-19, and part of that has included excessive cleaning. Wiping down countertops, disinfecting cars and carrying hand sanitizer at all times are just a few ways to keep… read more

Look Into Dyslexia

Take a Deeper Look Into Dyslexia

You have most likely heard the word “dyslexia” before, but whether you really understand what dyslexia is is a different matter all together. The effects of dyslexia can vary in severity from person to person, but according to the Committee… read more

family-friendly workouts

5 Family-Friendly At-Home Workouts

Exercising and staying fit is something that everyone can do to stay healthy — including your kiddos! These family-friendly at-home workouts are perfect for a workout session that will get everyone moving. Try these workouts to make sure you and… read more

too much sugar

Learn the Dangers of Too Much Sugar

It’s an easy trap to fall into. Candy as treats when potty training, going out for ice cream as a reward for good grades, hot chocolate after school on cold days. Sugary foods are quick and easy to utilize when… read more

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