wash a face mask

How Do You Properly Wash a Face Mask?

We're all trying to do our part in flattening the curve of COVID-19, and part of that has included excessive cleaning. Wiping down countertops, disinfecting cars and carrying hand sanitizer at all times are just a few ways to keep… read more

sleep training

Learn More About Sleep Training Your Child

When we had our first child, my husband and I were clueless about most everything baby-related. After a few months of being completely overwhelmed and exhausted, I was desperate to find that elusive thing that evades most parents of newborns—SLEEP.… read more

shoes spread COVID-19

Study Finds That Shoes Can Spread COVID-19

A study from the Emerging Infectious Diseases Journal found that COVID-19 could be spread a lot farther than we thought on different surfaces, and our shoes can spread COVID-19 into our homes. According to the study, air and surface samples… read more

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