Lyrid meteor shower

Don’t Miss the Lyrid Meteor Shower!

Coming up this week, we all have an opportunity to view an amazing light show from our backyards for free! It's called the Lyrid meteor shower, and it has been happening for the past 2,700 years. Every year in April,… read more

Oil diffuser

Stay Sane During This Pandemic With These Items!

By now, you’ve stocked up on groceries and hand sanitizer. Your pantry is full! You fought off toilet paper hoarders and avoided those pushing around shopping carts full of, weirdly enough, just mayonnaise. Your survival is covered, but what else… read more

Hand washing

Know The Keys to Healthy Hand Washing

Getting a flu shot, taking daily vitamins and drinking orange juice are all ways to keep you and your kids free from a cold. And, with threats like the Coronavirus and the flu, it is more important than ever that… read more

Create Fair Fighting Rules For Your Household

Every couple argues. Even the healthiest, happiest couple bickers from time to time. Having a disagreement can help a couple improve their communication, resolve misunderstandings and express their feelings. However, it is easy to get caught up in your emotions… read more

Old Family Photos

Complete Your Family Tree With These Tips

Who are you? For most people, this is an easy question. They classify themselves as mothers or fathers, sons or daughters, painters, teachers or doctors. But for others, it raises a burning question that runs deeper than occupation or social… read more

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