DIY Planter Pails

By Giggle Magazine

Calling all green-thumbed gardeners! Have you been looking for a fun way to brighten up your entryway? Well look no further! These quick do-it-yourself hanging planters are the perfect way to complete your garden.

Supplies needed

2 metal pails, about 8 inches in diameter

2 coco liners, sized to fit in your pail

Mini chain, cut into three 8-inch lengths

8 mini S-hooks


Ice pick

Potting soil

Flowers or plants of your choice

2 shepherd’s hooks

Safety goggles


Step 1: Using the icepick, punch five holes in the bottom of each metal pail. These will allow any excess water to drain out, helping to prevent waterlogged plants. At equal intervals, use the ice pick to punch three holes around the top of the pail, just under the lip.

Step 2: Place the coco liner in the bottom of the pail and fill the pail about halfway with potting soil. Repot your flower or plant in the pail. Add more soil to the pail until it is just about full.

Step 3: Loop an S-hook through the hole in the top of the pail and attach a chain. Clamp to secure with the pliers. Repeat for the other two holes. Use a single S-hook to connect the ends of all three chains together and clamp to secure. The pail will hang from this hook.

Step 4: Place the shepherds hook in your chosen location and hang your planter pail. Water and watch your hanging garden flourish!

Tips & Tricks

  • Remember to choose plants that grow out instead of up. Tall plants will have difficulty thriving in this type of planter.
  • Choose plants with a strong scent such as lemon thyme or citronella to help serve as a natural mosquito repellent.
  • Think about where you would like to place your planters before purchasing any flowers. Select plants that will flourish in the available sunlight or shade.

By Allison Raber