Healthy Learning Academy | K-5

Jonesville, FL 32669
Education & Childcare

Healthy Learning Academy is a tuition-free, public, elementary charter school now located on Newberry Road in Jonesville, Florida. The school’s mission is to provide excellence in education with a focus on lifelong health, nutrition, and fitness for the creative mind and healthy body. Research confirms that children who are afforded the opportunity of increased exercise and hands-on learning display improved learning potential.

Healthy Learning Academy is currently serving students in Kindergarten through fifth grade. The school has one class at each grade level, and will be limited to 112 students at full capacity. The small student population allows the entire staff to be familiar with each child’s personality and learning style. This enables us to provide the children with a high-quality, personalized educational experience.

All core curricula are state approved and all teachers and aides are highly qualified under rigorous federal and state standards. In addition to core subjects, all students participate in daily Yoga and Physical Education classes along with weekly art or music classes. All classrooms are equipped with state of the art Smart Boards. A mobile computer lab enables teachers to provide students with interventions and enrichment through personalized computer programs.

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