Gather Round: DIY Thanksgiving Place Cards

By Giggle Magazine

Thanksgiving is coming up and you know what that means… all the family is in town. You need to keep Uncle John away from Aunt Lisa (because they are still in a fight from summer vacation), and your two sons can’t sit next to each other or else the mashed potatoes will start flying. You worked like a horse in the kitchen so that everyone could have a happy meal and give thanks for all their blessings. So, how do you keep the family chaos under control?! Pull out your fine dishes and make some quick, easy and, even more importantly, super cute place cards so you can decide who sits where. These DIY Thanksgiving place cards will transform your table and your dinner conversation!


Leaf (real or fake)

Gold Spray Paint

Brown Paper Bag


Fake Berries

Black Marker




Take a leaf (fake or real) and cover it with gold paint. To make it go faster, lay out all of the leaves and spray with gold spray paint!


Stencil out “tag” shapes onto a brown paper bag, cut them out and hole punch. Use twine to tie some fake berries to the tag. Finish it by writing the names in marker!


Place, glue or tie on a pinecone to complete the look! Decorate your table with your DIY Thanksgiving place cards